For some of the (hardware) product developments, RideOnTrack selected ‘strategical’ partners. For our gateway products we work closely together with the Canadian company, Sangoma Technology Inc.. Both R&D departments cooperate intensively to ‘tune’ the products to t the typical operational telephony requirements. We use several of the Sangoma PCIe plug in boards for our server based solutions.

For the design of the dispatcher terminal we work together with the company, Design studio DUNC B.V. DUNC B.V. provided the enclosure design of the terminal and made sure that all of the electronic components (e.g. general purpose computer board, touchscreen, interfaces) are properly fit. Special attention was given to the heat dissipation and the cooling of the fanless design. DUNC B.V. has also prepared the design and tools for mass production of the enclosure. For customers wanting to use ‘off the shelf’ HW-products, our dispatcher product can run on any Windows-based computer.

Horst-Platz Gmbh was selected as the partner for the special purpose handset and gooseneck and related firmware. Horst-Platz has built a strong reputation delivering these devices to Deutsche Bahn and international railway organizations which has proven time and again the excellent quality of their products.