Infrabel signaling centers equipped with ROT equipment

The signaling centers of Infrabel in Hasselt, Leuven and Zee-Brugge are now fully equipped with the RideOnTrack operational telecom equipment.

RideOnTrack delivered the dispatchers, the required central equipment (Geo-Redundant dispatcher application, gateways to connect to the legacy network, adaptation/extension of the voice recording system). Hasselt went into service on September 11 (18 dispatchers). Leuven came next and started operation on September 15 (22 dispatchers) and Zee-Brugge made the switch on October 13 (6 dispatchers). Together with bringing into service of these sites, RideOnTrack also released a new software version for all sites in operation today. This new software release was required because Infrabel decided to replace the Q-Sig connections to the general purpose PBX with IP-connections. This resulted in an improved voice quality in the network as less TDM-IP conversion are required. The network wide software upgrade was done fully automated and without any loss of service.

As more and more signaling center start using the RideOnTrack dispatchers it is very important that the dispatchers get proper user training. Infrabel decided that each signaling center will get a permanent training/test system. As these training systems are ‘stand-alone’ systems, meaning, they are not connected to the Infrabel network, RideOnTrack designed special software to simulate the network behavior (e.g. GSM-R group calls). In the meantime RideOnTrack delivered 12 of these training systems and it is expected that by the end of the roll-out about 30 training systems will be installed.

In parallel with the renewal of the dispatchers, RideOnTrack also continued the roll-out of the analogue to SIP gateways for the connectivity of the track-site phones (up to 12km distance). Next installations of these gateways are planned for Gent Sint Pieter, Hasselt and Berchem. All of these activities are part of Infrabels overall plan discontinue the TDM-technology to change to fully IP-technology.

Preparations have now started for the next 3 site renewals, Kortrijk, Mons and Tournet. These sites should go live before the end of October.