Infrabel to order a Transit and Alternative Routing solution from RideOnTrack

The Infrabel operational telecommunication network is spread over the entire Belgian country. The network consists of many telecommunication building blocks of which some are installed decades ago. At the center of all these different sites, is the DiCa-Dispatcher solution of RideOnTrack. The DiCa-Dispatcher solution is connected with all operational telecommunication networks of Infrabel (via gateways if not SIP/IP) as well as with the PSTN, 2G/3G/4G (external networks).  Infrabel now contracted RideOnTrack to implement a Transit and Alternative Routing solution based on the existing DiCa-Dispatcher infrastructure. The goal is to get a significant improvement of the RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Security) if it concerns the operational telephony.

Today the Infrabel operational network has a number of vulnerabilities when certain parts of the network are congested. The operational network also shows certain malfunctions and this results in call drop/loss. In the future, the RideOnTrack Sip Call Flow Managers (SCFM’ers are part of DiCa-Dispatcher solution) will monitor the network behavior in real time, and will look for any alternative route in the Infrabel network (SIP/IP or legacy TDM) to ensure that calls can be connected to the proper destination. This could mean that a call will break-out to the external network (e.g. 4G/LTE) and transit via this public network back into the Infrabel network somewhere close to the destination point.

The development of this solution started in Q2 2018 and should be rolled-out in the complete Infrabel network by the end of 2018.