IReg#66 Synchronization Meeting

The European railway Infrastructure providers gathered in Brussels for their regular IReg#66 synchronization meeting.During this 2 days event, the European railway representatives discuss cross border issues, recent developments in their networks, results of benchmarks, … There was also special attention for the next generation rail network and for that purpose, RideOnTrack was invited as ‘industry speaker’.

RideOnTrack presented their solutions for Operational Communications and how these products and services can allow for smooth migration from Legacy networks towards next generation SIP/IP. The railway infrastructure providers where very pleased with the innovative solutions of RideOnTrack and welcomed very much the refreshing approach RideOnTrack is taking in an industry which is heavily dominated by old fashion incumbents.

During the break-outs, RideOnTrack showcased their latest development : the Integrated IERENE dispatcher system. The European railway representatives praised the new developed dispatcher terminals, which they found to be feature rich, very easy to use and good lucking. Several follow-up meetings are planned with the individual railway infrastructure providers which believe RideOnTrack can help them in the modernization of their networks.