Nokia ordered additional software applications from RideOnTrack

RideOnTrack secured a number of software application orders from Nokia. These orders will further improve the operational safety of the railway undertakings. With GPDR legislation now becoming mandatory in Europe, railway organizations are obliged to protect the access to personal data, including protection of voice recordings.

The software modules that are part of this order are :
– Security and data protection for ‘real time’ dispatcher calls via SIP-encryption,
– Security and data protection for stored voice recordings and for playback functionality via encryption,
– Integration of the dispatcher in the workflow automation process,
– Enhanced emergency call handling for Traffic Control Centers,
– Enhanced Echo cancellation for IP/SIP based Traffic Control Centers.

In rail, the workflow automation process is often used to manage track works. The application RideOnTrack provides allows the dispatcher to become part of the work order approval cycle and workers will only be allowed to work along the track after the dispatcher indicated so in the work order application. The dispatcher has the best situational awareness of train movements in the area of control, and so, this integration will further improve safety.

With more software application orders expected during Q3 2018, RideOnTrack will, by the end of 2018, be able to offer a full suite of software applications, which more and more will place the dispatcher system at the center of the operational well-being of the Railway undertakings.