Nokia to order more fixed operational communication software applications from RideOnTrack

The co-operation between Nokia and RideOnTrack, for the delivery of fixed operational communication equipment, yet again resulted in 4 purchase orders from Nokia. For 2018, this brings the total of PO’s received from Nokia to 11 orders and we still hope to land some additional PO’s before end of the year. We are very thankful for the trust Nokia puts in RideOnTrack, trust which we believe is built on our track record – we walk the talk – and the best of class products and services we deliver.

For the orders received, RideOnTrack will deliver software applications (including android apps) which will give the dispatcher more capabilities to ‘command & control’ the work force active in dangerous areas (e.g. work along the rail track). From the moment workers enter the geo-fencing area, the dispatcher will get real time information about the actual position of these workers and information about the position of trains that might cause danger. All parties involved in the potential danger situation will get communication means available to send/receive emergency messages as simple as pushing a button.

The orders received from Nokia are part of the ‘Crisis Management Software Suite’ RideOnTrack is building. RideOnTrack will release more products during 2019 under this development program.