Nokia to order more gateways from RideOnTrack

Our gateway products seem to have catched the interest of Nokia. After receiving an order for 100 analogue SIP/IP gateways only 2 weeks ago, Nokia now decided to order an additional 75 ‘special purpose’ gateways. Nokia will use these gateways at a project were the rail customer still makes use of ‘local battery analogue phones’ in a safety related operational enviroment. Only a few vendors are still in the position to produce these type of gateway products. Designing these gateways requires the technical knowhow of systems that are purchased decades ago as well as the know-how of the newest communication technologies. At RideOnTrack we are bridge builders: we connect the old legacy world with newest SIP/IP networks. We believe that railway networks will migrate to full SIP/IP solutions, but this can only be done step by step. During this migration period, which can take several years, our gateway product portfolio can be the ‘missing link’ to bridge this gap.