RideOnTrack and Sangoma sign agreement to audit the analogue track-site network at Infrabel

RideOnTrack is rolling out SIP to analogue lines gateways along the Infrabel railroad network. These gateways are installed in equipment containers close to the track-site and connect via copper-wire to the many telephones installed along the track (at signals, crossings, etc..). Some of the copper cables along the track are in very bad condition which results in a significant degradation of the telecom signals.

In the past, RideOnTrack and Sangoma already worked together to improve the capabilities of the gateway products in order to cope with these deteriorated lines. Still there are cables in the Infrabel-network that, with today’s state of the technology, can’t be deployed with reasonable QoS. The audit should result in a technology proposal allowing the RideOnTrack gateways to deliver proper QoS on these bad lines. The preparations of the audit are already underway and the results are expected at the start of Q3 2018.