RideOnTrack goes mobile

With a mobile dispatcher solution for smartphones, RideOnTrack once again shows that they are on top of the dispatcher game.

Our fully SIP/IP based solution, running on a software platform design for embedded applications, allows us to go where other dispatcher vendors scare away. Until now, even with free seating support, it was mandatory for dispatchers to take a ‘fixed’ working position at the start of the shift. However, dispatcher mobility offers a number of ‘operational advantages’ for organizations. Mobility within the control room or the control center, allow dispatchers to move around and still fulfill their dispatching function.

For organizational/operational reasons, sometimes dispatchers become ‘nomadic’ and team-up/gather at the work position of the ‘lead’ dispatcher managing a certain (emergency) situation. In doing so, these ‘nomadic’ dispatchers, need to leave their work position, and as such are no longer able to fulfill their ‘primary’ role.

With the solution of RideOnTrack, dispatchers can become mobile, assist colleagues, without violating the operational rules.

The flexibility mobile smartphone dispatching can bring is endless. A supervisor traveling, will be able to connect to the operation center and take charge of a certain event. Dispatchers can gather for a short team briefing when managing a crisis situation. An off-duty dispatcher (at home) might be asked to take a certain role because the on-duty dispatcher is reported sick and replacement has not yet been arranged, etc…

At RideOnTrack we believe that mobile dispatching is going to be a game changer in the Dispatching market.