RideOnTrack contracted SPOTIT for a security & network validation audit at Infrabel

The RideOnTrack DiCa-dispatching network at Infrabel keeps on growing rapidly. Today there are already 500 terminals in operation. Latest forecast of Infrabel indicates that by end of year, 650 DiCa-dispatcher terminals need to be up and running. Such a large and vital dispatching (computer) network needs to comply with the highest security and network quality standards.

For that purpose RideOnTrack contracted SPOTIT (www.spotit.be), a leading security and network-layer specialist company in Belgium, to conduct this audit. The audit should result in a number of recommendations to harden the RideOnTrack products in terms of VOIP-security and quality of service.

For Infrabel the audit will map the entire network (protocols, addresses, ports, interfaces, users, etc.) and define the appropriate firewall rules, advice on securing the (user) devices by conducting penetration tests and performing an application stress test which will give Infrabel a better understanding of their network and application behaviour (and setting the QoS rules). Preparations for the different audits already started and the final audit reports are expected by the end of Q2 2018.