RideOnTrack is now an official member of UNIFE, the European Rail Supply Industry Association

RideOnTrack participated in the yearly General Assembly of UNIFE in Dublin during the week of June 10, 2019. During day 2 we presented RideOnTrack’s railway strategy to the General Assembly which then unanimously voted/agreed to declare RideOnTrack an official member. RideOnTrack also had a small booth which allowed us to present the company to the UNIFE members.

Based in Brussels since 1992, UNIFE represents the European rail supply industry at both the European and international levels and a trusted partner of the European Union institutions in all matters to rail and transport. UNIFE represents the interest of more than 120 small, medium –sized and large companies  involved in the engineering, design, manufacturing, maintenance and refurbishment of rail transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. UNIFE Members have an 84% market share in Europe and supply more than 46% of the global market for rail equipment and services.

Within the UNIFE organization, RideOnTrack will be active in the UNITEL management committees. UNITEL assembles the ICT/Telecom railway supply industry and there we will meet again with our RoC Ig (GSM-R industry group) industry partners. RideOnTrack aims to take part in the 5 major focus areas defined by UNIFE/UNITEL: (1) Big Data, (2) Cybersecurity, (3) Artificial Intelligence, (4) New Mobility Services, (5) Digitalisation of Freight Logistics Services. By doing so we will make sure that RideOnTrack is on top of any new developments in the Railway (telecommunication) market.