RideOnTrack received more software application orders from Nokia

As announced early august, RideOnTrack received a second batch of application orders from Nokia.

These orders include:

  • DiCa dispatcher application running on a smart phone making use of the android operating system,
  • Extension of the group call functionality for GSM-R and DMR radio systems.

After our initial implementation of a mobile dispatcher application using the Windows operating system, RideOnTrack will now start the development of a mobile dispatcher application making use of the Android OS. Android smart phones are far more common in the market and having our mobile dispatcher application available for android smart phones will vastly improve Nokia’s market reach.

The extension of the group call functionalities for GSM-R and DMR radio’s will allow for more complex/extended group calls in a rail operational network. The group calls will be set-up and controlled by the dispatcher system, in order to limit the GSM-R and DMR (radio) resources used. The group calls can further be extended with fixed telephones, analogue radio or other telecommunication resources that are available in the customer network. This functionality will give more capability/flexibility to the dispatcher to set-up/control (adhoc) group calls. Several Railway infrastructure providers are investing in DMR-radio systems as a replacement for the legacy analogue radio system. This functionality will further improve railway operational safety.

These software applications ordered will be available Q1 2019.