RideOnTrack to join the ROC Industry Group

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that RideOnTrack is accepted as new member of the ROC Industry Group. The ROC (Rail Operational Communication) Industry Group bundles all important manufacturers active in the Railway Operational Communications. The members are dedicated to support GSM-R and the next generation (FRMCS) networks (www.gsm-rail.com). The current members are : Nokia, Kapsch, Siemens, Wenzel, Frequentis, Alstom, Leonardo, TrioRail, Iskratel and Funkwerk.

RideOnTrack applied for membership during Q3 2017. After fulfilling all selection criteria by the end of 2017, RideOnTrack was invited for a presentation in front of the complete Industry Group early 2018. During this presentation RideOnTrack was challenged to show how RideOnTrack could bring value-add to the rail operational communication market and how RideOnTrack could contribute to defining the next generation rail communication solutions. Shortly after the presentation the ROC-IG members unanimously approved the RideOnTrack membership application.

This is a very important milestone in the history of RideOnTrack. As a member we will be interfacing with all important stake holders in the industry, like the ERTMS MoU Steering Committee, the International Railway Association UIC, the ETCS Industry UNISIG and the European Union Agency for Railways. Together with the other ROC Industry Group members we will be able to globally promote the technology, continue to develop the EIRENE standards and strive for seamless Interoperability between the solutions of different vendors.