RideOnTrack to renew the Infrabel Call Center

At the end of last year, RideOnTrack secured an order for the renewal of the call center of Infrabel. Last week the RideOnTrack call center solution was installed in the Infrabel network and it is now undergoing indept testing & verification by the Infrabel call agents. The first feedback is very positive and we hope to bring the Call Center software in full operation by the end of May.

The Call Center solution is built as an application on the RideOnTrack DiCa-Dispatcher platform, already rolled-out at Infrabel. Any of the 500 DiCa-Dispatcher terminals already installed can be used as a Call Agent terminal by simply selecting the applicable Call Agent function at login. Among others, the Sip Call Flow Managers (SCFM’ers) part of the DiCa-dispatcher solution, are upgraded to support Automatic Call Distributer (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Skilled based Routing (SBR) and Intelligent Queue Handeling (IQH).

Once again RideOnTrack has proven that the DiCa-Dispatcher platform is a very powerful tool which will allow Infrabel to explore and implement new applications with the intention to strengthen their operational performance.