Zenitel and RideOnTrack performed successful integration tests

During Q3 2018, RideOnTrack successfully integrated the Zenitel intercom solution with the RideOnTrack Operational Telecommunication product line. The integration was done in the RideOnTrack Lab in Geel, Belgium, during Q4 2018. Customers that use the RideOnTrack Sip Call Flow Manager, e.g. for dispatching and call recording, can now also seemlessly connect the Zenitel intercom products. The dispatcher will be able to connect to the Zenitel intercom devices, and likewise, the Zenitel intercom devices can be reached by the dispatchers. This integration will further facilitate the communication between all operational communication systems in a customer network and there will be no need for an extra intercom switch (IpPbx) or separate voice recording. It is RideOnTrack’s aim to improve the operational communication capabilities of our customers while reducing complexity and cost.

About Zenitel :

As a leading provider in IP Critical Communications, Zenitel is the proven and preferred audio and data communication choice for environments that require the protection of human life, property, assets and/or the management of critical activities. Zenitel develops and sells their own Intercom and Public Address Systems. Zenitels key markets include: Building Security, Public Safety, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing, Energy and Maritime. Zenitel systems provide high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability, and cyberdefensibility.