RideOnTrack Company Partners

Meet our technology partners

RideOnTrack integrates with a broad range of industry-standard hardware and software solutions, simplifying and optimizing your operational communication systems.

Nokia has partnered with RideOnTrack to enhance its operational communication and networking capabilities through dispatching integrations.

Microsoft is a global leader in technology, offering a wide range of products and services. Our partnership with Microsoft focuses on seamless software integrations and innovative hardware solutions for dispatching.

Sangoma is a Canadian company that provides communication solutions for businesses. It offers a range of products, including telephony cards, telephony gateways, and cloud-based communication services. Our collaboration with Sangoma leverages expertise in communication solutions to drive innovation in gateway technology and cloud services.

Poly is a technology company that provides communication and collaboration solutions for businesses. The company offers a range of products, including headset and speakerphone devices. Our partnership with Poly strives for the seamless integration of our combined hardware solutions.

Sensorfy is a Dutch R&D company specialising in industrial IoT predictive maintenance solutions. The company has close ties to the leading Dutch technology University TU Delft. Our collaboration focuses on the joint development of sensor-based predictive maintenance solutions for Railways.

The University of Antwerp (AU) is a public research university located in Antwerp, Belgium. Within the UA, CoSys-Lab specialises in the development of cyber-physical systems. Our partnership with CoSys-Lab centres around the collaborative development of cutting-edge embedded RADAR technology.

Netaxis is a Belgian technology startup specialising in automating and processing unified communications and VoIP. Our collaboration provides solutions for automated lab testing and load testing.

Zenitel is a technology company that specialises in communication solutions for the security and emergency response industries. The company provides a range of products, including public address and general alarm systems, intercom systems, and emergency communication solutions. Our collaboration with Zenitel delivers seamless integration of their communication systems with RideOnTrack’s dispatching solutions.

Telox provides push-to-talk (PMR) and bodycam products for different industry sectors, including public safety, transportation, and private security. Telox integrates traditional PMR form factors with broadband and internet solutions. Our collaboration integrates DMR technology and push-to-talk over cellular for Railways.

Magics Technologies is a Belgian high-tech spin-off from the University of Leuven that specialises in the development of autonomous machines and AI accelerator chips for the most challenging environments. Magics’ innovations allow for machines to self-diagnose and enhance their ability to operate wirelessly. Our collaboration centres on leveraging these technologies for Railways.

Verhaert is a Belgian innovation consulting firm that helps companies to create and launch new products, services, and business models. Verhaert provides strategic and operational support to organisations in various industries, including aerospace, defence, healthcare, and consumer goods. Our collaboration is focused on the development of IoT platforms for Railways, Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Comate, a Belgian company, offers research and development services for industrial design, electromechanical engineering, and firmware engineering. Our collaboration is focused on the development of IoT platforms for Railways, Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

DUNC is a Dutch firm specializing in the creation and implementation of electronic housing and user interfaces for the professional market. Our partnership focuses on the development of operational telecommunication hardware.

Dutch-based MUCO Technologies, part of MACH Technology Group, is a company that specialises in the development and production of electronic devices. Our partnership focuses on the development of operational telecommunication electronics and firmware.

UNIFE is the European Association for the Rail Industry, serving as a trade group that represents the European rail supply sector. It works to advance the industry’s interests at the European level and support the growth and expansion of the European rail market. RideOnTrack is a part of the UNITEL committee within UNIFE, which concentrates on developing and implementing the next-generation interoperable railway communication system (FRMCS), the successor to GSM-R.

Funkwerk is a German technology company specialising in communication and information technology solutions for various industries, including railway transportation. The company provides products and services, including onboard communication systems, intercom systems, passenger information systems, and network solutions. Our collaboration ensures seamless interfacing between Funkwerk’s solutions and RideOnTrack’s dispatching products.

Triorail supplies cutting-edge GSM-R modules, modems, and testing equipment. Its technology offers robust reception characteristics and effectively suppresses interfering radio signals, such as those from public 2/3/4G mobile networks. Our dispatching systems will interface seamlessly with Triorail’s technology.

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