Public Safety

Operational telecommunication is essential in ensuring the safety and security of the public. In the public safety sector, reliable and effective communication is critical in responding to emergencies and coordinating resources efficiently. Dispatcher consoles serve as a central hub for operational telecommunication, allowing dispatch operators to monitor and manage critical situations in real-time.

Key Features

Mission-critical reliability

Our solutions provide mission-critical reliability through a combination of robust architecture, hardware and network redundancy, and advanced software features. These features include; failsafe functions, self-diagnose capabilities, and automatic recovery protocols.

Emergency management

Fully integrated emergency management enables dispatchers to quickly and efficiently coordinate responses to critical situations. Our easy-to-use and fast-responding system ensures operators can focus on managing fieldwork without worrying about system technicalities.

Industry compliance

RideOnTrack’s operational communication system in the public safety sector ensures compliance with commonly used standards and interfaces such as 3GPP, and upcoming MCX standard for dispatching. This enables seamless interoperability and integration with existing communication equipment.

Mobile applications

RideOnTrack’s operational communication system includes push-to-talk for mobile radio users, Geo-fenced virtual talk groups, GPS Geo-location tracking, and location based warning systems for groups and individuals. Stay connected and informed with real-time updates and enhanced safety features.


Our solutions are designed for interoperability between public safety authorities such as police, fire, and emergency rescue services. The system achieves this by using common interfaces to ensure seamless communication and collaboration between agencies.

Modern and legacy networks

RideOnTrack’s systems support telephone interconnection between modern and legacy networks commonly used in public safety, including Tetra, P25, 4G & 5G, and Analog networks. This enables seamless communication between different networks, ensuring reliable and efficient communication for emergency responders.


Improve Personnel Safety

RideOnTrack’s operational communication system enhances field worker safety by providing a rapid and efficient communication platform. During emergencies our system provides real-time information to help make well-informed decisions, reducing unnecessary risks to field workers.


Our systems have been designed with the user in mind, featuring clean and intuitive interfaces that enhance ease of operation. Our aim is to empower users with the tools they need to work efficiently and effectively, with minimal training required.

Facilitate Collaboration

At RideOnTrack, we understand that effective communication and collaboration between different public safety authorities is crucial for successful outcomes in critical situations. Our solutions facilitate interoperability through the adoption of common standards and secure information sharing.

Operational Efficiency

RideOnTrack’s solutions streamline operational processes by simplifying complex workflows into automated digital flows, resulting in increased operational efficiency. We provide custom integrations with existing ERP (e.g., SAP) and trouble ticketing systems.

Future Proof

Our systems are future-proof, built on a modern technology stack and designed to comply with the latest industry tools and standards. This ensures that our solutions meet the evolving needs of our clients, providing long-term value and flexibility.

Reduced TCO

RideOnTrack’s solutions reduce operating costs by simplifying system architecture and using COTS hardware, resulting in a TCO cost reduction factor of 10 compared to legacy systems. Our modern future-proof technology stack also minimises lifecycle management and maintenance costs.

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