RideOnTrack Newsroom Successful Interoperability Tests at 4th ETSI FRMCS Plugtests

Successful Interoperability Tests at 4th ETSI FRMCS Plugtests

🚄Today at the 4th hashtagFRMCSPlugtests, RideOnTrack successfully demonstrated our FRMCS/MCX Dispatching solution!

We successfully performed interoperability tests with solutions from:

We delivered reliable communication for mission-critical railway operations, showcasing the robustness and efficiency of our FRMCS/MCX dispatching capabilities. This milestone underscores our commitment to pioneering advancements in railway communication technologies.

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible team for their relentless dedication and hard work in achieving this success!

Reflecting on our participation in the 3rd ETSI FRMCS Plugtests, we continue to uphold our promise of driving innovation and evolving railway communication standards.


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