RideOnTrack Company Customer stories

Customer stories

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“The start of our collaboration with RideOnTrack provided an exceptional chance for the company to demonstrate its technical capabilities and expertise in the field of operational telecommunication. The end customer, who is using RideOnTrack’s dispatch equipment, had high expectations for both the quality of the solution and the timeliness of the implementation. I am thrilled to announce that our customer was extremely impressed with the final result. This successful project served as a testament to the reliability and dependability of RideOnTrack as a partner, and has set a strong foundation for continued collaboration and future projects.”

Emmanuelle Pierrard Head of Europe West (Entreprise Sales & Head of Nokia Belgium)

“ProRail is pleased with the GRI Dispatching Renewal project. RideOnTrack offered the needed tech functionality and translated our requirements into digital flows, reducing system overhead by 10x. RideOnTrack delivered on its promise of providing the system definition, development, and implementation within the agreed-upon timeframe of 1 year. We really appreciated their strong support and commitment during the implementation period to ensure the project’s success. RideOnTrack has proven to provide a reliable, efficient, and innovative dispatching solution.”

Erik van Bommel ICT architect, FRMCS FWG chair, GSM-R expert

“Infrabel modernized its IP network by transitioning from TDM systems to cutting-edge IP communication solutions. This was due to the end of life of several TDM systems and the need to stay ahead in new features and applications. Infrabel partnered with RideOnTrack, known for its operational telecom expertise, for the dispatching system. The IP network renewal initiative was successful and delivered increased reliability, scalability, and security. It also enabled Infrabel to use the latest technologies and applications for future growth and innovation. Infrabel’s choice of RideOnTrack as a partner was critical to the success of the program and established Infrabel as a benchmark for modern dispatching communication in the industry.”

Dirk Taeleman Project Leader Operational Telecom at Infrabel

ENGIE Ineo operates RideOnTrack dispatching solutions and geo-redundant servers for the Dakar Railways. The dispatching solution had to integrate with several other operational communication systems, including the GSM-R network and the Zenitel interphony system. The implementation of RideOnTrack’s solution was performed remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Anthony Corbin Project Manager

NMBS, the leading Belgian train operator, utilises 200 dispatcher consoles throughout the country. These consoles are often co-located in conjunction with Infrabel traffic control centres and connect to a variety of operational telecommunication assets used by NMBS, for example; The TIII DMR system of Motorola, the public address system in stations, and older analogue radio systems can all be accessed through the RideOnTrack dispatcher solution. The dispatching solution also allows NMBS employees to communicate with train drivers using the GSM-R mobile communication system. The goal is to provide dispatchers with a centralised, efficient means of managing train operations and communication.

“The RideOnTrack dispatching solution was seamlessly integrated into our live network, and our operators quickly became proficient with just 2 hours of training. Station managers and dispatchers were able to let go of the old APC-11N dispatcher terminal with confidence. The new product has exceeded our expectations and the dispatcher terminal is of exceptional design, meeting all of our quality standards. The coherent and user-friendly Graphical User Interface has made it a pleasure to use. Any smartphone user will be able to use it.”

Kauri Oras Infrastructure Engineer & Responsible ICT Renewal Program

“RideOnTrack has been a valuable partner to Kontron, supplying modern gateway products that seamlessly integrate analogue technology into the digital world. Their software adaptations have been crucial in overcoming the challenges of poor-quality copper lines and high noise levels. RideOnTrack’s dispatching solutions seamless integration with Kontron’s Core using SIP-R. As we continue to roll out this technology in the coming years, we are confident in our partnership with RideOnTrack and their ability to deliver exceptional solutions.”