Public Transport

The RideOnTrack dispatcher product was introduced in our live network without any problems. 2 Hours of training was enough to explain to the station managers and the dispatchers how to use the new system and make them confident enough to let go the old APC-11N dispatcher terminal. We, the dispatcher communication system users, are very pleased with the new product. The dispatcher terminal is very well designed and meets our quality requirements. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is clear and easy to use.

Kauri Oras Infrastructure Engineer & Responsible ICT Renewal Program
RideOnTrack Edelaraudtee infrastruktuuri AS

Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS implements RideOnTrack’s MCCS dispatcher system

Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS, a privately-owned company within the Edelaraudtee Group, is the provider of railway infrastructure services and traffic management in Estonia. With a comprehensive range of services, including railway design, construction, construction management, and electrical works, Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS plays a pivotal role in developing, maintaining, and operating a vast network of railway lines. Committed to ensuring safe and high-quality rail transportation, Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS contributes significantly to the economic and social development of Estonia.

The Challenge

Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS, faced the challenge of renewing its dispatcher systems as part of an ICT renewal program. With the existing dispatcher communication system reaching its end of life, Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS sought a fail-safe virtualised solution that could seamlessly integrate with their IP-based rail telecommunication network.

The Solution

In their search for a suitable solution, Kauri Oras, responsible for the ICT renewal program, evaluated various solutions from different vendors. After careful consideration, RideOnTrack’s solution demonstrated the desired flexibility to meet Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS requirements. Through collaboration with RideOnTrack, the detailed design process was initiated, ensuring that the new dispatcher system would replace the outdated APC-11N Russian brand while being interconnected via the MPLS L3VPN.

RideOnTrack customized the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to display only the necessary functionalities specific to Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS’s requirements. The integration of the product into the customer’s network environment was carried out, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Result

The implementation of the new dispatcher system proved to be a resounding success. Within a short span of three months, from project requirements discussion to operational acceptance, the project was completed, demonstrating the competence and commitment of both companies.

During the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS expressed their satisfaction with the new DiCa dispatcher system. The user-friendly terminals, appealing design, and quality manufacturing of the product were well-received. The voice recording application also garnered high praise.

Following the FAT, the dispatcher solution was installed in Tallinn, Estonia, and within two weeks, it was successfully launched into commercial service. Rita Ojala, Chief Train Dispatcher at Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS, expressed her satisfaction with the RideOnTrack dispatcher product, emphasizing its intuitive design.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Kauri Oras expressed a positive experience working with RideOnTrack, highlighting their extensive domain know-how in operational communication networks for railways. The flexible software platform offered by RideOnTrack enabled the implementation of project-specific changes.