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Infrabel modernized its IP network by transitioning from TDM systems to cutting-edge IP communication solutions. This was due to the end of life of several TDM systems and the need to stay ahead in new features and applications. Infrabel partnered with RideOnTrack, known for its operational telecom expertise, for the dispatching system. The IP network renewal initiative was successful and delivered increased reliability, scalability, and security. It also enabled Infrabel to use the latest technologies and applications for future growth and innovation. Infrabel’s choice of RideOnTrack as a partner was critical to the success of the program and established Infrabel as a benchmark for modern dispatching communication in the industry.

Dirk Taeleman Project Leader Operational Telecom at Infrabel
RideOnTrack Infrabel

Modernising communication: Infrabel’s successful IP dispatching upgrade with RideOnTrack

With its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Infrabel is the government-operated entity responsible for the management and upkeep of the national railway infrastructure. The company employs over 10,000 personnel committed to enhancing the safety, quality, efficiency, and capacity of Belgium’s railway network.

Infrabel, established in 2005, plays a vital role in the Belgian rail industry, diligently working towards providing a resilient, dependable, and continually expanding railway network for the country. They oversee the coordination of rail traffic, furnish all train operators with essential information, administer rail capacity, and ensure the ongoing safety and smooth operation of Belgian rail services.

Infrabel’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and societal benefit is deeply embedded in their operations. This commitment not only fuels Belgium’s mobility but also stimulates the country’s economic growth.

The Challenge

Infrabel faced a challenge in renewing their fixed operational telecommunication systems. The existing TDM systems were reaching their end of life, and Infrabel recognized the need to transition to IP communication solutions to access new features and applications. They sought a partner who could meet their operational needs for a modern and feature rich dispatching system, while ensuring a smooth transition into the world of IP communications.

The Solution

RideOnTrack’s, state-of-the-art dispatching solutions for mission-critical networks, proved to be an ideal solution for Infrabel. Through a series of projects, RideOnTrack successfully won contracts for the renewal of various operational telecom components, including voice recording and play-back systems, gateway products for connecting legacy networks with SIP/IP, operational SIP/IP telephony, and integrated dispatchers compliant with EIRENE standards for GSM-R and legacy systems.

RideOnTrack’s ability to translate Infrabel’s operational requirements into technological SIP/IP solutions, while still supporting legacy systems through gateway products, ensured a seamless migration into the new realm of IP communications. The integrated dispatcher solution, specifically tailored to control all operational telecommunication assets, impressed with its versatility and adaptability.

The Result

The roll-out of RideOnTrack’s integrated (EIRENE) dispatcher solution resulted in the successful installation of approximately 1000 dispatcher terminals across 30 traffic control stations. Infrabel expressed satisfaction with the seamless integration of the required functionalities and precise adaptation of the dispatcher GUI with the specifications defined by the Infrabel user groups.

The implementation of RideOnTrack’s dispatcher solution significantly contributed to increased operational efficiency and stability. The system’s allowed for seamless integration with other trackside assets and operational systems (legacy or modern), enabling integrated control over various elements of the railway infrastructure. This enhanced control and coordination fostered smoother operations and improved overall operator efficiency for Infrabel.

As RideOnTrack continues its collaboration with Infrabel, the focus remains on further enhancing operational capabilities. The roadmap includes the development of additional features and functionalities, such as a mobile dispatcher platform and a integrated call center capabilities. These innovations will further optimize emergency response and strengthen the effectiveness of the dispatching system.

Inside look: RideOnTrack’s Dispatching Solution in Action at Infrabel

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