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Innovation on track: RideOnTrack’s collaboration with Engie for Dakar Railways

Headquartered in Paris, France, Engie Ineo is one of the top global players in electrical contracting, energy networks, public lighting, public transport, and communications infrastructure, with more than 15,000 employees and revenue of approximately $3 billion in fiscal year 2022. The company’s mission is to empower all – from local communities to multinational corporations – with the tools and services necessary to create and manage efficient, sustainable energy and communication systems.

Established over 70 years ago, Engie Ineo is renowned for its innovation and leadership in electrical, digital and energy transition. Key services include electrical installations, energy solutions, security systems, telecommunication networks, and mobility services.

The Challenge

Engie Ineo Urban Transport Solutions (UTS) had won a significant contract to develop a regional express train system between Dakar and the AIBD airport in Senegal. The project required a reliable, advanced, and SIP-based dispatching system capable of integrating various telecommunication elements, including emergency and platform announcement phones. Furthermore, the system needed to be compatible with Engie Ineo UTS’s SCADA management system and Huawei’s GSM-R switch, posing significant integration challenges.

The Solution

Engie partnered with RideOnTrack, to deliver a modern and functional fixed operational communication system. RideOnTrack provided the Geo-redundant DiCa solution, comprising 12 dispatcher terminals and the accompanying software. This system was capable of handling all operational telephony requirements and integrating seamlessly with Huawei’s GSM-R switch and Zenitel’s intercom system. Additionally, RideOnTrack integrated its DiCa SNMP V3 engine into the SCADA umbrella management system of Engie Ineo UTS. The agreement also included a series of tests – a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in Belgium, an integration test cycle with all operational telecom systems in Spain, and a SCADA management integration in France.

The Result

Within 45 days of signing the contract, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was successfully completed in Geel, Belgium. This milestone was achieved after two days of thorough functional and technical training, followed by two days of rigorous testing involving approximately 100 test cases. The successful FAT was a testament to RideOnTrack’s effective solution, leading to the signing of the FAT test certificate on December 20. The equipment was then shipped to Madrid for integration testing with the Huawei GSM-R equipment. This partnership between Engie and RideOnTrack proved successful, with RideOnTrack taking on the responsibility of warranty and maintenance following field acceptance.

Partners involved

Zenitel is a technology company that specialises in communication solutions for the security and emergency response industries. The company provides a range of products, including public address and general alarm systems, intercom systems, and emergency communication solutions. Our collaboration with Zenitel delivers seamless integration of their communication systems with RideOnTrack’s dispatching solutions.