The start of our collaboration with RideOnTrack provided an exceptional chance for the company to demonstrate its technical capabilities and expertise in the field of operational telecommunication. The end customer, who is using RideOnTrack’s dispatch equipment, had high expectations for both the quality of the solution and the timeliness of the implementation. I am thrilled to announce that our customer was extremely impressed with the final result. This successful project served as a testament to the reliability and dependability of RideOnTrack as a partner, and has set a strong foundation for continued collaboration and future projects.

Emmanuelle Pierrard Head of Europe West (Entreprise Sales & Head of Nokia Belgium)
RideOnTrack Nokia

Innovation in Action: RideOnTrack’s Collaboration with Nokia in Operational Communication

Based in Espoo, Finland, Nokia is one of the most prominent telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics companies globally, with about 92,000 employees and a revenue of roughly €25 billion in fiscal year 2022. The company’s mission is to create technology that helps the world communicate and act together.

Founded in 1865, Nokia is celebrated for its innovation and leadership in network infrastructure, technology development, and licensing. Key brands include Nokia Networks, Nokia Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, and Bell Labs.

The Challenge

In 2017, Nokia led the development of a significant project with railway infrastructure managers to upgrade the GSM-R operational communication infrastructure. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, such as dispatching, voice recording, gateways, IPPBX, and call center applications, with existing legacy systems. Moreover, the project aimed at enhancing operational safety and data security in compliance with the newly introduced GDPR legislation. The challenge also included developing an Android-based mobile railway dispatcher application, a move designed to expand market reach. Given the complexity and the high stakes, Nokia needed a reliable and technically capable partner for this project.

The Solution

RideOnTrack, was selected by Nokia in July 2017 as a collaborative partner for this project. RideOnTrack supplied 250 DiCa Modular dispatcher terminals to Nokia, which were integrated into the GSM-R operational communication infrastructure. RideOnTrack’s expertise was also leveraged in the delivery of various gateways that connected analogue telephones along the rail track to the operational IP network. Moreover, RideOnTrack developed a mobile railway (EIRENE) dispatcher application for Android smartphones, a move that was expected to significantly improve Nokia’s market reach.

The Result

The partnership between Nokia and RideOnTrack proved highly successful, leading to significant improvements in the operational safety and data security of railway infrastructure. The seamless integration of legacy systems with modern IP networks, achieved through RideOnTrack’s gateways, was particularly noteworthy. The project received final acceptance, and the end customer, the railway infrastructure manager, expressed great satisfaction with the quality and timely delivery of RideOnTrack’s equipment and services. Currently there are over 1000 dispatcher terminals installed. This successful collaboration established a solid foundation for Nokia and RideOnTrack’s future projects and reinforced RideOnTrack’s reputation as a reliable and efficient partner in the railway communication sector.