RideOnTrack Newsroom Dispatcher System Training with SETER and TER in Dakar

Dispatcher System Training with SETER and TER in Dakar

RideOnTrack recently organized a training session at the Train Express Regional (TER DAKAR) Operational Control Center (OCC) in Dakar, focusing on our dispatcher system used by TER for railway operations. This training was designed for the technical teams of SETER (SETER T.), covering software and hardware maintenance of the RideOnTrack dispatcher system.

The objective was to empower the SETER team with the knowledge and skills required for basic maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of railway operations.

We would like to express our appreciation to the teams at TER and SETER for their participation and collaboration. This training marks another step forward in our ongoing partnership with SETER and TER, aimed at maintaining high standards of railway operations.

Looking forward to our continued collaboration.

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