RideOnTrack Newsroom Location-Based Voice Message Technology to Improve Rail Safety at Infrabel

Location-Based Voice Message Technology to Improve Rail Safety at Infrabel

RideOnTrack is pleased to announce a new project in partnership with Infrabel – the “LBVM” (Location Based Voice Message) project, aimed at enhancing railway safety.

About LBVM:

LBVM leverages advanced technology to deliver digital messages over the GSM-R network, offering train drivers vital information about track conditions within alarm zones. The LBVM system features a user-friendly web application for traffic control center operators. It enables them to select predefined messages and input real-time information, which the system converts into spoken notifications using text-to-speech technology. These notifications are transmitted via the GSM-R network to train drivers in alarm zones.

Successful Proof-of-Concept:

The LBVM project recently completed a successful proof-of-concept demonstration, which is documented in a YouTube video vlog shared by Infrabel CEO Benoit Gilson. We extend our gratitude to the Infrabel team, particularly the ICT department and Lander Vanderspikken, for their support throughout the project.

This project represents a significant step in enhancing railway safety, and we’re proud to be part of this important effort. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to improve railway operations for a safer future!

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Watch the vlog here:


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