Successful integration testing between Huawei and RideOnTrack systems

Last year RideOnTrack signed the telecommunication supply contract with Engie Ineo UTS, for the regional express train between Dakar and the AIBD airport in Senegal. During the week of January 21 Huawei and RideOnTrack performed successful integration testing in the Thales facilities in Madrid. The RideOnTrack dispatcher system was connected to the Huawei GSM-R switch and different call types (e.g VBS, VACMA,eRec, etc..) were tested. On January 23, Engie Ineo UTS signed the acceptance test certificate for the successful integration. We can now say that the RideOnTrack (EIRENE) dispatcher solution is certified to work on the Huawei GSM-R core products.

Our systems are now shipped to Nantes for the last integration test with the SNMP umbrella management system of Engie Ineo UTS. These tests are planned for early March.