RideOnTrack Newsroom Start of ProRail dispatching rollout

Start of ProRail dispatching rollout

ProRail’s traffic control post in Maastricht has been successfully migrated to the mission-critical dispatching solution of Nokia & RideOnTrack (Geo Redundant Inttel Platform or GRI as it is called by ProRail). The transition happened seamlessly overnight without disruptions to the call flow.

First impressions of the operators are positive, with mentions of increased functionality, ease of use and overall system speeds. All these factors will contribute to safe and efficient railway traffic management.

We would also like to thank all ProRail & Nokia employees involved in the project for sharing their invaluable experience and feedback.

Over the course of the next two months, ProRail’s remaining 11 traffic control posts will be migrated. We look forward to the continuing enhancement of the system and collaboration with our partners ProRail and Nokia.


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