RideOnTrack Newsroom FRMCS Plugtests: Advancing Railway Communication

RideOnTrack Joins FRMCS Plugtests: Advancing Railway Communication

🎉 Exciting news! RideOnTrack is participating in the 3rd ETSI FRMCS Plugtests this week at #UICrail HQ in Paris.

As part of this vital testing event, we are joining forces with other FRMCS suppliers to test the interoperability of our respective equipment and products. Our goal is not just to ensure the seamless integration of our technology but also to contribute to the evolution of the FRMCS landscape.

This Plugtests event is an essential step in the roadmap to introduce FRMCS as the successor to GSM-R, and we are proud to play a role in this transition. Our team has been diligently preparing for the event, focused on demonstrating the efficacy of our products under various test scenarios based on the 3GPP Mission Critical Services framework.

We extend our best wishes to all other participants and observers and express our gratitude to #ETSI, the European Commission, #EFTA#TCCA, and #uicrail for organizing this critical event.


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